About Us
O2 Innovations® is committed to promoting the power of oxygen, its ability to revitalize & rejuvenate. We strive to provide education about the ability of oxygen to enhance lives. By using our O2-B® Personal Oxygen Bar on a regular basis, you will find that oxygen IS... Beautiful.

O2 Innovations® not only provides a unit for personal use, but, by offering a comfortable, easy to use headset with soothing aromatherapy, we create a truly spa-like experience. The O2-B® unit is state-of-the-art, and we are excited to bring it to the public at an extremely affordable price. Oxygen bars charge $1.00 per minute. NOW, you can experience the benefits of oxygen at less than 30¢ PER DAY, using the O2-B® Personal Oxygen Bar.

O2 Innovations® intends to stay on the cutting edge of oxygen enriched products, and health and wellness products.
Please bookmark our website, www.o2-b.com for new, innovative products, information and ideas.