Highest Oxygen Output
The O2-B® Personal Oxygen Bar provides the HIGHEST OXYGEN OUTPUT of any non-medical personal concentrator on the market! Our technology produces 40% oxygen enriched air at 3 LPM, which means our unit offers 100% more oxygen than the oxygen level in the air you normally breathe! Other portable units, even those that are sold for commercial use, only give you 30%. But do they really?

Units that claim to offer 30% oxygen actually lose 8% of their oxygen because the unit needs water to operate. When oxygen passes through water, the oxygen is dispersed in the water, which causes the oxygen output to be lowered. So, their output is really only 22%. The oxygen level in the air you breathe is 21% to 18%. WHAT BENEFIT ARE YOU REALLY GETTING FROM THESE UNITS IF THEIR ACTUAL OXYGEN OUTPUT IS SO LOW?

Also, the membrane technology that is used by other portable units cannot produce over 30% oxygen. Our PSA Technology (see diagram on Technology page) is the Industry Standard, and is the reason why our unit has an output of 40%.