The air we breathe contains roughly 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, .9% argon with the balance being other gases. The O2-B® Personal Oxygen Bar separates oxygen from the air using PSA Technology (Pressure Swing Absorption). The process centers around a molecular sieve. As air is introduced, it passes through the sieve and nitrogen is adsorbed. The remaining oxygen (41%) is piped to a buffer or surge tank, and oxygen is released.

Oxygen Flow Chart


Weight: (Compressor only) 15 pound (6.8 kg)
Dimensions: (Compressor only) (W) 6.4” x (D) 11.9” x (H) 16.3”
(162 wide x 303 deep x 415 high mm)

Model# CTA-08
Electrical Requirements: A/C 115V~60Hz, 1.3A
Power Wattage: 100 watts under normal load

Model# CTB-08
Electrical Requirements: A/C 230V~50Hz, 0.7A
Power Wattage: 100 watts under normal load

Oxygen Concentration: 40% (+/- 2%)
Oxygen Output Capacity: 3 LPM (liters per minute)

Ambient Operation:
Temperature Range: 50° to 95°F (10° to 35°C)
Humidity Range: 30% to 75%

Ambient Temperature: -13° to 158°F (-25° to 70°C)
Humidity: 10% to 90%