Read & see for yourself what the O2-B® Personal Oxygen Bar has done for our customers.
I have owned my O2-B® oxygen machine for more than 6 months, and I have discovered working out with it. A few months back I was riding my stationary bicycle and was very tired and worn down. I looked over at the O2-B® sitting beside me and got the idea to use it during my workout for an energy boost. I set it up next to my bike and turned it on and it has changed the way I work out forever! I am more energized, and therefore my workouts are much more strenuous, and I do not even notice it. I sweat more and feel better after than I have ever felt, all while i am working out! I love using my O2-B® anytime, but workouts are the best!

-R.D. in WI

We purchased our O2-B® Personal Oxygen Bar in March of 2006. My wife and I have used this oxygen bar almost every day since we received it. We live in Elbert Colorado, which is approximately 7200 ft. in elevation. At this altitude it is very common to run low on energy especially on hot days or after any type of extended physical activity. My wife is an avid walker. Every morning weather permitting she walks 3 miles. After her walk she fixes herself a cup of tea, sits in a comfortable chair and relaxes with our O2-B® oxygen bar. My wife says this regenerates, re-energizes her and makes her feel good about getting on with the tasks of the day. I personally use the O2-B® oxygen bar every day about 10 am for about 20 minutes just to relax and at the same time to gain a little energy for the rest of my day. Occasionally, after a rather hectic day both my wife and I will use our O2-B® unit just to relax in the evening. We also have relatives who come to visit on occasion from the west coast. Coming from sea level to over 7000 ft., they become very run down very quickly and I always have them use our oxygen bar a couple times a day just to help them feel at their best during their visit. Our O2-B® oxygen bar has been trouble free since we bought it. The only maintenance required is to rinse out the filter pad to keep it clean. The unit is very light weight and easy to move from room to room, where ever needed. The O2-B® is also very quiet, so it can be used in the same room as a TV or in a room with others talking, without disturbing anyone. We both could not be happier with this unit! Thank you all at O2 Innovations!!

-Mr. & Mrs. G. Mellen in Elbert, CO

During a getaway to Vegas, I tried oxygen for the first time. It was love at first breath!... Once I returned home I had to find oxygen for my home. I was stunned at the cost of the equipment I found… Then, I found O2 Innovations™. When I got to the product and pricing information, I couldn't help but scream with joy! I called immediately to place the order and was surprised to hear a friendly voice on the other end.

Not only was the product affordable and of good quality, but the customer service was incredible. Within two weeks I had my unit, and it came complete with a manual as well as the supply order form. The fact that I had the option of a longer warranty was the icing on the cake… within a month I felt like a new person.

-Missy I. in Phoenix, AZ

Not long ago, I visited an oxygen bar… and was hooked on oxygen… I went to the O2 bar a couple of times a day, as the good feelings I got when I did the O2 were amazing and long lasting. Upon my return I sought out a "home" solution to get O2. Frankly, I would have purchased a commercial unit… even at a price of more than $1,500! During an internet search, I found o2innovations.com… I bought one, and a co-worker of mine, on my recommendation, bought one too.

The unit is fabulous! It is quiet and easy to use and has the same effects as those commercial units I used… Doing it 30-60 minutes per day, I have felt more alert and more energized. Bottom line is, it has enhanced my life tremendously.

Since buying this unit, I have purchased another for my girlfriend, my parents and have told numerous people about it, who have bought one as well… all have thanked me vehemently for exposing them to something so value-priced that so powerfully impacts their life in positive ways.

-Ron D. in Oconomowoc, WI

What does being a licensed pilot, a scuba diver and 2 kids in medical school have in common? Oxygen. I started getting interested when I went to an Oxygen Bar. I felt better. Then I thought about comments I had heard and read about regarding private pilots who flew above 10,000 feet using supplemental oxygen. They felt more rested at the end of a flight than when they started. Then my wife and I got Nitrox certified as scuba divers. This means diving with enriched oxygen (30 to 40 percent). We heard the same comments: people who used oxygen enriched air felt more rested and could stay down longer. So, every morning I try to have 30 minutes of quiet time. I study, I read my Bible, and I breathe oxygen enriched air. We have a home gym, and when I work out after using the O2-B® Portable Oxygen Bar for 30 minutes, I have more strength and more energy. I highly recommend it.

-Jerry K. in Mesilla Park, NM